About The System

A well-built lab interface to creating innovative solutions for transferring accurate laboratory test results. Seamless integration will recover time and stay organized. This process has automated the workflow of lab testing results and necessary approvals and also ensured to send the test result back to the stakeholders in real-time. Over again, the ASYCUDA system is directed at reforming the customs clearance process and through this integration, the customs clearance process will speed up for fish and fish products. With this user interface, the total process has been simplified by minimizing administrative costs to the national trade. This process integrated all the three laboratories with FIQC and ASYCUDA World with an improved information management system which will support an effective parallel report transfer system.


Sample Registration

Register your sample information through this system. Select laboratory and make the test payments as per lab requirements.


Test Processing

The processing of the samples are now managed through this system. After sample registration, Just drop your sample to the laboratory along with system generated invoice.


Test Process Workflow

After laboratory receives the sample, all the internal laboratory workflow is maintained through this system.


Online Lab Test Report

Access your comprehensive lab test reports securely and conveniently. View detailed results, analysis, and recommendations online. Empower your decision-making with accurate and timely information.